10" Gent Saws

On fine work I sometimes find myself reaching for my gent saw. With a plate thickness of 0.015" or 0.020" ( your choice ), filed 16 to 20ppi. I find it quite handy for small delicate work such as in 1/4" corner round or other small trim. These saws are unlike those throw away $25.00 saws you find with a psuedo folded back glued and jambed in the handle with an open ferrule.  First the closed heavy duty ferrule and handle are mortised to the shape of the 2" x 3/8" x 1/4" tang giving it a snug motised fit. Next these Gent saws incorporate a threaded rod through the handle to connect the handle to the back. No epoxy is needed. The threaded rod and brass cap nut draw the back solidly into the handle preventing it from coming loose. An added advantage to this is the ability to replace the handle if the need or desire should arise. these are available in a few species of wood for a custom look. Inquire for further information. Current wood species available:

Cherry, Walnut, Infused Figured Maple, Plain Maple, Bubinga, Hickory, Zebra Wood, and a few one off species.

Starting at $175.00


Examples of Gent saws. Wood species will vary.

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