18" Half Backs

I offer several styles of Half Back Saws. All with a 23* to 25* hangangle.

1) Single Loop: These saws have a simple rounded toe with a single rounded heel on the tote.

2) Double Loop: Just like it says. A double rounded loop on the toe of the saw with a tote that matches the double loop.

3) Triple Loop: Sort of my trade mark saw. This saw has a triple loop toe and piercing with a matching triple loop heel on the tote.

Unless requested otherwise, all half backs are filed cross cut. These saws function best as deep cross cut saws. Generally 9 or 10 ppi, 15* rake and 20 to 25* fleam. I file all my saws by hand. So if you want something different, just let me know.

These saws start at $375.00 and vary based on options.



An Example of a single loop half back. Shown in sapele with a triple pierced toe

An Example of a Double loop. Note the double piercing, double loop toe and tote heel.

An Example of a Triple Loop: Note the three piercings, triple loop toe and triple loop tote cheek. Shown in Beech.

An Example of a Regan style/ Sculpted tote with black mother of pearl insert saw bolts and an added lambs tongue.

My most expensive saw. A Triple Loop in Acrylic Resin Infused maple burl. These are one off saws. Occassonally I get lucky and can make a matching dovetail out of the same block of resin infused burl.

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